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Treasures from one era to the next...

Offering a wide selection of antique and vintage jewellery for any occasion. We are one of the oldest running family jewellers in Manchester and the North West dating from 1870 we offer a quality assured service across all our jewellery ranges. From engagement rings to beautiful necklaces we offer unique pieces of vintage and contemporary jewellery, we have something for all tastes.

New Arrivals

Check out our latest finds, from diamond engagement rings to Victorian brooches and Edwardian bangles to Art Deco earrings and more.

We love what we do and believe our passion will shine through in our pledge to you as a valued customer. As well established antique dealers we pride ourselves on our renowned service alongside our...

Antique jewellery store

Our Pledge


Established in the North West of England since 1870 our expertise of fine antique jewellery places us as one of the UK's foremost antique jewellery authorities. With reputable sources and an exquisite collection of the best pieces we offer you some of the best pre-loved jewellery on the market.

Peace of Mind

We value our customers' peace of mind above all and that is why we uphold a culture of trust and decency at all times. Should a customer for any reason be unhappy with their purchase we will not hesitate to offer them a 14 day full money back guarantee. This is our quality assurance.

Lapada member
Peace of mind

We are members of Lapada and Cinoa, the leading associations for art and antiques dealers worldwide and a mark of quality, expertise and integrity.

Shop by Category

We've made exploring our collection as easy as possible with the ability to search by category. Each category offers a selection of antique and vintage items from fabulous antique rings to vintage and period earrings -

not forgetting gifts and items for men.

antique rings


Antique Rings and Vintage Rings

Colourful brooches


Antique Brooches

Antique bangles

Bangles & Bracelets

Antique Bracelets and Vintage Bangles

vintage necklaces

Necklaces & Pendants

Antique Necklaces and Vintage Pendants

Antique earrings


Antique Earrings 

Mens Jewellery

For Him

Antique Cufflinks and more

Period Jewellery

Our collection of jewellery varies in age from the early 18th Century through to more modern pieces. We have categorised our jewellery into different periods. Each period has many different designs and characteristics. These periods include Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro, Mid-Century and Modern.

Georgian, Victorian & Edwardian

1714 - 1914

Pieces of jewellery from these eras were handmade, making the quality of each piece variable. Needless to say, quality pieces from these periods are rare, making them unique and highly prized.

Georgian jewellery

Art Deco & Mid-Century

1920 - 1945

Influenced by African, Egyptian and Japanese themes, Art Deco jewellery is famous for its geometric designs, sharp lines, and bright colours. 

Art Deco and Mid-Century jewellery | Howell 1870 | Manchester

What our customers are saying...

'Superb antique dealers. I have found Howell 1870 to be totally committed to their business and completely honest. They sell high quality items at sensible prices. I can recommend them without hesitation.'

J. Goodfellow, UK

Vintage & Retro

1950 - 1980

Inspired by Hollywood, Retro jewellery is colourful, bold and elaborate. Commonly worn were large cocktail rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces and charm bracelets.

Vintage Jewellery
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