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A pretty Victorian daisy 'REGARD' and Fede 18 karat ring manufactured circa 1880. With lovely bright gem stones all mixed cut with a central rose cut diamond as the daisy centre. Fede rings display two hands clasped together in friendship, love or betrothal, from the Italian phrase ‘mani fede’ meaning hands joined in faith. With a hand either side to hold the daisy gemstone cluster, the finish used on the ring is an attractive brushed or satin finish, popular with the Victorians at this time.


A regard ring is a ring which has been set with a gemstone acrostic. The first letters of the gemstones correspond with the word “regard” – Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby and Diamond – and are set in that sequence. First introduced by the French jeweller Mellerio in 1809, acrostic rings soon became very popular tokens of loving sentiments. Previously, Georgian acrostic jewellery shaped like padlocks with keys or hearts were decorated with gemstone acrostics as an open declaration of love.


Please feel free to contact us for more details on this piece, including additional images or video clips. 


Reasonable offers will always be considered. 


RING SIZE - UK L ½ / US 6 / EU 51 ½  


MEASUREMENT – 17mm across the width of the ring 

10mm diameter of the head of the ring 


MATERIALS – 18 karat gold/ Ruby/ Emerald/ Garnet/ Amethyst/Ruby/Diamond 


WEIGHT – 2.1 gram 


HALLMARK – None but tested as 18 karat gold with a touchstone. 


CONDITION – This ring is in very good condition for the age of manufacture circa 1880. The stones are secure, the gold work is sound with very minor surface scratches. Sold as commensurate with the antiquity of the piece. 

Victorian Daisy Regard and Fede Ring, Circa 1880

  • 17mm across the width of the ring 

    10mm diameter of the head of the ring 




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