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A delightful pair of 9 karat yellow gold Suffragette style drop earrings comprising faceted peridot, amethyst and diamond gemstones. The earrings are set in yellow gold with a chain link to connect the three stones, with a peg and butterfly fitting. The drop earrings are made up of two 0.55ct. faceted amethysts, two 0.50ct faceted peridot and a 0.01ct round brilliant diamond. These are modern earrings that work well with any existing pieces you may have possibly a pendant, ring or bracelets that are Suffragette in origin or inspiration.

The three colours that represent the Suffragette Movement are white/green/violet which signify “Give (green) “Votes" (violet) with amethyst being widely used and “Women” (white) diamond. This message was universally understood by both the women and men who supported the movement and also the people who opposed Suffrage.

Emmeline Pankhurst was pre-eminent in the fight for the women’s votes, yet in Oldham where our original shop was located an outstanding supporter of the WSPU lived. Annie Kennie was a leading figure of the WSPU movement, a true working-class heroine who worked in one of our local mills, a true inspiration to us today of the sacrifice these women made for our vote.

Please feel free to contact us for more details on this piece, including additional images or video clips.

DETAILS - 30mm long x 3.5mm wide

Amethyst – 0.55ct x2

Peridot – 0.50ct x2

Diamond – 0.01ct round brilliant

WEIGHT – 3.2 gram

MATERIALS - 9 karat yellow gold/diamond/amethyst/peridot

HALLMARK – Stamped '375', Birmingham with makers mark 'KJ' (no date letter) produced circa 2019

CONDITION - Excellent (brand new)

Modern Suffragette Style Peridot, Diamond and Amethyst Drop Earrings

  • 30mm long x 3.5mm wide

    3.8g total



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