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A fine example of a 9ct yellow gold woven mesh bracelet made circa 1880 during the Victorian era. It is modelled on a belt design which was a prevalent design in the period with buckle rings, bangles being produced using this popular symbol. This particular design has punched eyelets and a gold bead edge, the clasp moves along the bracelet.


In Victorian times jewelry was imbued with deep meaning, symbolism was used to inform pieces through coded messages. Turquoise became “forget me knots” rubies denoted passion, diamonds were “forever” the list is endless This message was used in this case for the belt/buckle reflecting the serpent wrapping around the wrist, looping through going back on itself and fastening, thereby representing the same symbol for eternity, fidelity, loyalty, strength and protection as the snake had done since time immemorial. As a contemporary mourning symbol, the snake was used extensively to fashion jewelry, Queen Victoria wore a buckle ring thereby creating a fashion that became widespread in its appeal to sentiment.


Please let us know if you would like to see a video clip of this piece or require any more details. We are open to offers on this piece.


MATERIALS - 9 karat yellow gold


HALLMARK - None but stamped “9CT” to back of buckle and slider


DETAILS - Measures 9” long/22mm 3/8th"/8mm wide (it fits a 6 ¼" - 7 ¼" wrist)


WEIGHT - 20.32g


CONDITION - Very good, commensurate with age.

English Victorian 9 Karat Yellow Gold Mesh Belt Buckle Bracelet, circa 1880

  • Measures 9” long/22mm 3/8th"/8mm wide (it fits a 6 ¼" - 7 ¼" wrist)

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