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A timeless and pretty Edwardian Ruby and Pearl horseshoe brooch with graduated interlocking circle motifs. The brooch dating from 1909 and hand crafted in Chester, England depicts a common symbolic motif of the horseshoe, capturing luck and good fortune upon its wearer. The brooch can be worn either way, horseshoe facing up or down to collect luck or allowing the luck to flow from its centre. The alternating pearls and rubies add an extra layer of antique style and sophistication. The brooch also maintains its original safety chain and pin. A very pretty gift or addition to a collectors hoard. 


Please feel free to contact us for more details on this piece, including additional images or video clips. 


MEASUREMENTS - 43 mm W x 13 mm H


MATERIALS - 9ct yellow gold / rubies / natural split pearls


WEIGHT - 3.1 g


HALLMARKS - Full, Chester, 9ct, 1909 (heavily worn)


CONDITION - Overall very good. The rubies have a lovely bright pink and pearls show some surface nacre wear but overall in good order, all gems original to the piece. The brooch fitting opens and closes securely.  

Edwardian Ruby and Pearl Horseshoe Brooch, Circa 1909

  • Brooch width -  43mm 

    Brooch height - 13mm


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